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Why Local & Independent Is Better.

Why Local & Independent Is Better.
Independent Business Networking

“When you buy from a small or independent business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a third holiday home. You’re helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mum or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage or a student pay for university”.

This quote really resignates with our values here at Breslins Club. Being a small business ourselves, we are passionate about businesses supporting businesses but on a local scale. We vote independent over chain any day, purely because of the small benefits and essentials it brings to individuals, their families and the overall community. So why should you support your local business’?

Boosting The Local Economy

These local independents and small businesses are the backbone of the economy. With local businesses using one another for both business and personal reasons, money stays locally and therefore gets put back into the community, allowing it to thrive. For example research shows that £10 spent with a local independent means up to an additional £50 going back into the local economy. Not only this but it also allows these businesses to be successful and stay open, providing greater infrastructure and better employment opportunities. Whereas utilizing chain and big corporate national companies, results in the money flowing out of the local economy.

Staying Unique

Local small independent businesses add character and passion to a community, giving it flavor and a sense of natural authenticity. They are not only more innovative so that they can stay relevant and differentiate themselves from big brand names, but they are run by people, not boards, shareholders or CEO’s. Enabling us locals to experience one of a kind retailers. This makes your city unlike any other in the country, adding that special touch. With us supporting these kind of businesses it allows this certain edge to remain in our local community.

Personal Touch

Buying from or using local businesses adds a personal touch that you wouldn’t gain from corporate or chain businesses. You can form established relationships and connections with workers, managers and owners. This forms a tight-knit community, adding a touch of togetherness. This allows you to invest into a business on a more personal level too, if you are receiving a more personal experience back. This makes you want to support and give back to them more to make sure they do succeed.

A Better Place To Live

If you support local and independent then ultimately it gives a more popular and financially healthier area in which to live and work through providing more jobs and a unique touch. They also are more ethical in terms of the environment. Many of these businesses are situated on the local high street, which makes it more accessible for people to walk to instead of driving. Unlike bigger companies found in shopping centers, which people mostly access through driving, contributing to the pollution crisis.

Giving Back

Many local businesses support local charities that are relevant and dedicated to improving the area that you live in. Therefore by using these kinds of businesses you are making it possible to do so, and supporting these local causes yourself, offering a more rewarding shopping experience. Thats not to say that big companies don’t support charities and give back, they do but not ones that are specific to your local area. In fact data shows that small businesses donate 250% more to local charity and community causes than big businesses.

Breslins Club

This is why at Breslins Club all of our featured venues where we host our networking events are independent, small and local venues. Not only because we want to support our local Birmingham community, but also because we want to celebrate what delights our city has to offer. Allowing our members to experience somewhere brand new, whilst immersing themselves into a great networking scene, adding that extra little something to our club. Additionally this is why we have branded our club to be one that gives back, by building up a community and aiming to have a charitable focus by supporting various local causes throughout the year.

If you would like to go that extra mile to support Birmingham’s small local businesses more and give back to your community, then join our club today!

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